Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunts


There are very few hunting experiences more exciting and majestic that watching a giant Saskatchewan monarch materialize from the dense brush or morning fog. Saskatchewan is known worldwide for its unbeatable quality of Trophy whitetail hunting. We are truly excited to share this legendary quality with our hunters, and share in their hunting experiences here at True North.

The trophy Bucks on our ranch are built from the most premium typical and non typical blood lines in North America. We focus our genetics on heavy mass, long tines, wide frames, and large bodies, everything you would expect from your Saskatchewan whitetail. Nearly all the bucks on the ranch will score a minimum of 170 SCI with close to half of them landing in the 200-250 inch SCI mark. Whether you are interested in an early season velvet hunt or the experience of hunting these bucks in a snow covered terrain, our season runs for nearly 4 months with great whitetail action from start to finish.

On the mornings of your hunt our professional guides will transport you from the lodge into the hunt area. The short commute from our comfortable lodge to heated stands,  accessed by side by side UTV's. You will hunt over food plots and travel routes, shots at these sites range from 100 to 150 yards. You will see many different bucks and does come and go over the course of your hunt offering different shot opportunities. We pride ourselves in being the first preserve in Saskatchewan to offer a no sliding price scale hunt, it is your choice as to which trophy you choose without pressure from a guide or second guessing the cost of your buck. True North Trophy Hunts has never used sliding scale pricing.Hunters have the option to come back to the lodge for an afternoon warm up with hot coffee and soup or pack a lunch and enjoy all day surrounded by the great outdoors. Once you have completed your hunt, and your Saskatchewan Giant is on the ground you can call or text your guide alerting him of your success.

Once you have completed the hunting portion of your stay, your guide will attend to the skinning, capeing, and trophy preparation of your animal. We will package, freeze, and prepare your trophy for its journey home to your awaiting taxidermist. You also have the option of using our recommended taxidermist, Rob Henrekin of Mountain Creek Taxidermy. Mountain Creek is located in Greenough Montana. Every year after the season Rob travels to Saskatchewan to pick up all of our clients trophies, he transports them back to Montana, clears them through customs, mounts them and ships them to your door. Hassle free and his work is second to none!

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